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8. Soft Shell Crab

A South-East Asian dish, wholly edible, lightly battered then tossed with chili and peppercorns

Crispy Aromatic Duck

Crispy shredded duck served with fresh julienne of cucumber and spring onion, for you to wrap in steamed pancakes.

Fillets Of Sea Bass Dishes

Sea Bass in Kung po sauce,Sweet & Sour sauce and salt & pepper dishes are in light batter.

Rice and Noodles

Chow Mein--Fine Egg Noodle/Ho-fun--Flat stick rice noodles/ Vermicelli-- Thin Rice Noodles


81 Malaysian RENDANG Curry

The base of the sauce is made from chillies, lemon grass, ginger, garlic and creamed coconut. It is a medium hot curry.

82 Malaysian ORIGINAL Curry

The sauce is made of Malaysian curry paste,coconut milk & chillies,MEDIUM hot

83 Kaeng Bhed Lui--Thai Red Curry

The sauce is cooked with red curry paste.coconut milk.pineapple.tomatoes.kaffir lime leaves&Thai Basils

84 Kaeng Kiew Wan--Thai Green Curry

The sauce is cooked with green curry paste,green bean,chillies,coconut milk,kaffir lime leaves&Thai Basils.slightly hotter than red curry.

85 Thai MASSAMAN Curry

This curry owes its origins to India.it is usually based on dry chillies and contains coriander, cumin with coconut milk, potatoes and crushed peanut on top. It is very MILD curry

86 Chinese Curry

The sauce is cooked with rich flavours and spices

Choose from:

Special Set Dinners

We have selected a range of set dinners that provide a balance of different tastes and textures of Chinese cuisine. These are especially recommended for larger parties or those simply wishing to let us do the task of choosing. There is the option to replace some of the dishes to one of your particular preference, please inform the waiting staff of your choice.

£18.55 per person A) Two Or More Persons

1. Mixed Hors D’oeuvres
2. Crispy Chilli beef
Chicken and peppers in a Black Bean sauce
Pork with Ginger and Spring Onions
Egg Fried rice

£20.55per person B) Two Or More Persons

1. Crispy Aromatic Duck
2.Sizzling Lamb in a Black Pepper sauce
Satay Chicken
King Prawns with Seasonal Vegetables
Egg Fried rice

£22.95 per person C) Two or More persons

1. Mixed Hors D’oeuvres
2. Crispy Aromatic Duck
3. Thai Massaman Lamb curry
Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables
Crispy King Prawns in Szechuan sauce
Egg Fried Rice

£24.95 per person D) Three or more persons

1. Mixed Hors D’oeuvres
2. Crispy Aromatic Duck
3. Crispy Shredded Chilli Chicken
Beef with Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
Sizzling King Prawn with Ginger and Spring Onions
Sweet and Sour Pork Cantonese Style
Egg Fried rice

Special Japanese TERIYAKI Sauce

Teriyaki sauce is light blend of Japanese soy sauce,spices,vinegar & Saki wine combined sauce